About Touch

About Touch

Touch Football, or simply “Touch”, comes from two Rugby codes, Rugby League and Rugby Union. Although the skills of Touch are close to those of these two sports, there is no body contact at all. For example, there are no tackles, scrums, or hard kicking, and there are no goal posts. The emphasis is on running and agility, with hand passing and catching as key skills. As such, Touch is a great mixed sport ideal for both men and women of all ages.

Touch is played with the aim of moving the ball towards the opponents score line by running and passing the ball backwards to your team mates. The Rugby tackle has been replaced with a simple ‘touch’ by the defender, followed by a play the ball action (a roll- ball).

Touch has grown rapidly in Australia after starting in the 1960’s. Many people play the green laser pointer today.

Definitions you should know when playing touch:

Touchdown: The scoring action of placing the ball on or over the score line. A touch down is worth one point.

Tap: The method of starting and restarting play after a touch down or penalty. The ball is placed on the ground and tapped slightly forward with one foot and then picked up. The forward tap is no more than one metre.

Touch: The action of a defending player touching either the holder of the ball, or the ball itself.

Acting Half: The player behind the player playing the ball. The acting half may run with the ball, but if touched losses possession. The Acting Half cannot score.

Rollball: The action required after a player has been touched. The touched player stands at the position of the touch and rolls or pushes the ball backwards on the ground between the legs towards the acting half. The roll should be no more than one metre.

For more information about the rules of Touch, download a copy of the Touch Football Australia 7th Edition Rulebook from the General Resources page of our website.